Upside is an Australian based not-for-profit working in partnership with villages to develop community-owned agricultural businesses across Nepal. The best part is that the profits from these businesses are used to fund local schools and health posts now and long, long into the future.



The Graft program is a cross border AgTech Challenge that aims to accelerate the adoption of agricultural technologies across borders through tailored market entry programs focusing on localisation of suitable technologies and business models that drive strong commercial outcomes and impact. In 2019, Beanstalk will be launching the first cross border AgTech Challenge between Australia and India.



Hypha is a platform that brings together a network of thought leaders across the Agriculture and Food ecosystem in Asia to connect, communicate and collaborate, and grow AgriFood Tech in Asia. Hypha is a platform formed by three organisations AgFunder, Beanstalk and Padang & Co whom play a strong role in ecosystem building for AgTech in Asia.



Beanpod, is a dedicated podcast for listeners whom are hungry to learn more about how we tackle some of the challenges in our current food system and explore the next iteration of our food system. We’re all about having curious conversations with Ag & Food Tech thought leaders across Asia.