Episode 5 - Wallabies And Green Bananas



What do walabis, forklifts and green bananas have in common? 

In episode 5 Rob and Will talk innovation in crop waste with Krista Watkins, Cofounder of Natural Evolutions, and Angeline Ancharia from the Monash Food Innovation Centre.

It’s amazing to hear how an aha! moment can transform into a new business opportunity that is addressing the problem of crop waste and feeding 10billion people on this planet in the next 30 years. Crop Waste is increasingly viewed as a resource to generate new income for farmers.  As Angeline points out, Ag and Food are joined at the hip – people need to eat!

This episodes crusty quote comes from Krista;

“Walk the path of the fearless warrior for greatness!

Enjoy being fearless!

Alice Armitage